Sobek’s experience in water resources management

The sustainable management of our water resources is an increasingly important challenge for countries and communities. With the future reliability of water resources at stake, it is essential to understand the complex issues underpinning the planning, development and implementation of water resources for the sustainable benefit of communities, industry, agriculture and the environment.

Sobek’s experience in water resources management spans several decades and we appreciate the need for innovative, integrated, multi-disciplinary solutions to address water resources management and our services encompass all project phases, from conception through to implementation and operation.

Increased water demand from communities and industry, coupled with growing uncertainty in supply due to projected climate change impacts, presents a significant challenge to our clients’ business operations. Sobek’s team of expert engineers and economics professionals possess a deep understanding of the water cycle and offer a complete range of engineering and economic services to help clients optimise the sustainable management of their water resources in an integrated manner.

Our highly experienced team provides support and skills to water authorities, governmental departments, district and local municipalities and other organisations with water resource assets to plan, design, construct or manage, in widely varying geographies, economic development needs and scales. We strive to offer high quality solutions and models to deliver cost-effective projects to our communities.

Some key areas of water resource planning for which we offer specialist services include:

  • Water Conservation and Water Demand
  • Catchment, allocation and drought modelling
  • Groundwater and aquifer management
  • Flood management and hazard assessment
  • Hydraulic analysis and design
  • Irrigation systems planning, design and optimisation
  • Management of mining and industrial water
  • Policy development advisory
  • Stormwater and urban drainage
  • Strategy, planning and management
  • Sustainability assessments and advice
  • Water resource infrastructure feasibility studies and development planning
  • Utilities Management