Sobek offers Integrated Asset Management for Pipelines and Water Infrastructure

Water is a precious resource and a fundamental requirement to most, if not all industries. Agriculture, energy, manufacturing as well as domestic consumption all require a safe and reliable water supply.

South Africa a relatively dry country, experiencing chronic water supply challenges, affecting all of the above mentioned industries. South Africa is therefore repeatedly challenged in developing new water resources to meet its water demands. While an increase in water supply can be achieved through development of new and existing water resources, a reduction in water demands can produce as much benefit as development of a new water resource altogether.

Sobek offers Integrated Asset Management for Pipelines and Water Infrastructure services as a means of reducing water demands through the reduction of water losses, as well as improving overall water distribution governance.

Sobek will perform a comprehensive failure risk assessment of water distribution system components to enable Utilities and Water Authorities to pro-actively manage their risk and make informed decisions regarding the future refurbishment, replacement and monitoring of the system.

The Integrated Asset Management services provide a foundation by which a comprehensive Asset Management System for pipelines and water infrastructure can be developed. Typical outcomes include:

  • Compile a detailed asset register of pipelines, chambers and appurtenant infrastructure, forming an input to a comprehensive asset management system. Or Management Information System (MIS).
  • Assess the civil and mechanical condition of the pipeline components. Confirm the extent of leakages. Pinpoint the location of leaks.
  • Asset Optimization and determining of the remaining operable life. Prioritise pipeline systems for repair, refurbishment and replacement.
  • Risk management and minimizing the impacts and occurrences of failures and downtimes.